Survival Gear Equipment List- 10 Must Have Items

If you are looking for a quick must-have survival gear equipment list, then you have come to the right place. There is a good deal of survival gear options that you can purchase to be prepared, but it’s helpful to have a quick must-have list to refer to. This list is budget-friendly and can help anyone whether you are just beginning to collect your survival items or if you have been purchasing survival gear for a long time.

Importance of Having a Survival Gear List

So you may be asking yourself, “Why the heck do I need survival gear equipment?” The quick answer would be so that you can survive any situation that may come your way.

But honestly, it is so that you can have peace of mind for having the basics ready so that if a situation arises you will be prepared and able to protect yourself and your family. If you are like me, then you may be a list maker. I love making lists and it is a great feeling to cross off an item I have completed.

10 Must-Have Survival Gear Equipment List

  1. Survival Tarp- Tarps are a fantastic and versatile item to have because having a shelter in any survival scenario is very important. Whether you are caught in a rainstorm or need shade from the hot sun, having a tarp is a must!
  2. Emergency Blanket- Having an emergency blank is important especially on those cold nights because it helps keep your body heat and keeps your body temperature up.
  3. Filtered Drinking Straws-Did you know that most people can only go up to a week without drinking water? This is why you need filtered drinking straws. These allow you to drink water from any water source and it filters out any harmful chemicals and particles. You can learn more by reading my Filtered Drinking Straws Article.
  4. Fire Starter- Having a fire starter is great because you do not have to rely on lighter fluid to start a fire. Why worry about starting a fire when you can start one with ease with your fire starter. Learn more about USB Rechargeable Lighters on my post here.
  5. Paracord- A cordage has many uses and can surprisingly come to the rescue in many situations. You can use it to tie down items, as a fishing line, or to help you carry heavy items. The possibilities for cordage are endless. You can read more about paracord on my What Is Paracord Used For post.
  6. Survival Multi-tool- Having a survival multi-tool instead of just a knife is helpful because you will have access to so many other tools such as pliers or wire cutters. I really like the RoverTac Pocket Knife which you can read my review on here.
  7. Flashlight-Any sort of flashlight will help you be able to navigate in the dark. Besides battery operated, I suggest you look into either hand-cranked or solar-powered flashlight options so that you aren’t relying on or worrying about your battery running out. To learn about the best flashlights you can read my Flashlights to Consider Article.
  8. First Aid Kit-Whether it tending to a big cut on your leg or getting a splinter out of your foot, having a first aid kit is must-have item care for your injuries. In most aid first aid kits you will find a variety of supplies to help tend to burns, scrapes, stings, and cuts. I personally own this 299 piece kit.
  9. Fishing Pole- Having a lightweight fishing pole and hooks is a must so that you can fish for your meals and have a way to provide meals for you and your family.
  10. Survival Pack- Lastly, you will want something to put all of your items into from the survival gear equipment list in. A reliable backpack or bag is necessary so that you can quickly place your items in the bag and secure the bag on your back as you move to your next destination. I like the Loowoko 50L Backpack.

Compact and Versatile Survival Gear Items

Now that you know the list of the 10 must-have survival equipment gear items, it is important to understand buying each item in a compact and versatile size. For example, if you buy all 10 items and each of them weighs 10 pounds, you would end up with 100 pounds in your survival pack. Having a heavy pack is not ideal especially when you are on the go.

When shopping for your items, be sure to look for items that are compact and lightweight.

Can You Live Without It? (Is It A Must-Have?)

You may be thinking, do I really need all of these items? The short answer is YES.

Personally, I would not be caught without owning these items. Whether it is a natural disaster, or having to be on the go, each of the items on the survival gear equipment list is vital to your survival.

I suggest you get purchase item number 10 first (survival pack) and begin filling it with the rest of the items.

Packing the bag may be hard at first, because you may be thinking of dozens of other types of gear or event mementos to take with you. While it is great to think of the other gear and purchase other items to be even furthered prepared, the point of your survival pack is to have the essentials to be on the go at a moment’s notice and only take your pack with you.

Go and Get It

Why wait until a disaster hits to scramble and fight to get these items when you can get a head start and buy the items now! This list allows you to go get the items now instead of figuring out what you need AFTER the crisis already started. By purchasing these items you are giving yourself peace of mind that you are ready when a disaster comes.

Once you purchase the 10 items from the survival gear equipment list, be sure you understand how to use each item, test it out, and then pack them into your survival pack. You can have a survival pack in your car and home so that when a disaster hits you are able to quickly access it and be on the go.

If you’d rather purchase a survival kit that can help get you through the first few days of any situation, check out my review of the LifeShield All-In-One Bug Out Bag.

I hope you found this survival gear equipment list helpful and urge you to get your items together so that you can be ready to be on the go at a moment’s notice.

-Lily W.

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