Car Survival Kit Checklist-On the Go ‘Must Haves’

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So you may be thinking, I already have a survival bag in my house, why do I also need one in my car?

Having a ready to go car kit is important because it could be the difference of having to go back to your house to get your survival items or go ahead and get on the road because you already have the items in your vehicle. By following my car survival kit checklist, you will be prepared to be on the go as soon as an emergency or crisis happens.

Why You Should Have a Care Kit

It doesn’t occur to most people that at a given moment your car could turn into your safe space. Whether you are fleeing from a natural disaster such as a fire or hurricane or fleeing from an unsafe situation your car can become your on the go safe place. Your car can also become your safe place if you get a flat tire somewhere or have to shelter in place due to a winter storm. Instead of having to run to the store and fight the crowds for essential items, you will be ready to be on the go and get to where you need to go.

Car Survival Kit Checklist- The “Must Haves”

Though some of these items may seem self-explanatory, it is important to not overlook them. Use your own discretion as you are purchasing these items and adjust accordingly. I always suggest getting items that are lightweight and versatile so that you can easily fit the item into your car. Be sure to adjust to your climate as well. For example someone living in a colder climate would want to include more blankets than someone who is in a warmer climate.

The Basic On the Go Car Survival Bag

  1. Flashlight- can be battery, solar, or crank operated. If going the battery operated route, I suggest adding extra batteries to your car survival bag as well. I suggest the Guardian Light Solar Roadside Tactical Flashlight
  2. Change of Clothes- Have a set of clothes to change into or to add a layer to what you are already wearing.
  3. First Aid Kit- Just a basic kit is great and will help with basic injuries that may occur.
  4. Food- non-perishable items such as peanut butter, nuts, dried meats, and canned items.
  5. Water or Filtered Drinking Straws- You should be sure to have at least a gallon of water in your car. Another great item to have is a filtered drinking straw.
  6. Solar Powered Charging Bank- This is necessary to be able to charge your devices.
  7. Blanket- So you have something to keep you warm at night.
  8. Jumper Cables- In case you need to jump your car.
  9. Multi Purpose Tool- This is useful to be able to fix and cut various items. It additionally can turn into a great weapon in a self defense scenario.
  10. Road Maps- Cannot always rely on GPS, so having a road map is great especially to find rural and back road driving options.

More Comprehensive Car Survival Kit Checklist car survival kit list

(For this list be sure to include the above 10 items that are on the basic list)

  • Car Escape Tool
  • Road Flare
  • Knife
  • Gas Can
  • Toiletries
  • Duct Tape
  • Toilet Paper
  • Portable tent
  • Hammock
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Durable bag to store your items

Be Ready to Survive and Be On the Go

No kit will ever be exactly the same which is why I urge you to think of your personal needs. For those who take medication be sure to have those handy. For those who have a pet you would want to include pet food.

The most important thing is to have a plan and get the items so you can get in your car at a moment’s notice and have a higher chance of survival.

What are some items that you would add to your Car Survival Kit?

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