Best Way To Build a Campfire- My Failed Campfire

best way to build a campfire

Nothing is more relaxing than spending the night in front of a warm, cracking fire.

Learning how to make a campfire is invaluable knowledge to have.

Knowing how to build a campfire is a skill every person should learn and practice.

Continue to reading to see how my failed attempt leads me to understand the best way to build a campfire.

My Failed Campfire

My first time ever camping I tried to start a campfire.

I was SO excited to start my first fire. I had my empty toilet paper roll filled with lint, firewood, and a candle lighter all ready to go.

Next, I tried and tried to start this fire but it would not start. I quickly realized that it was too windy and that my fire was quickly being blown out.

I tried adding dry leaves but all that accomplished was creating a BUNCH of smoke!

This made me SO sad as I sat there with a failed fire and my uncooked hot dogs and s’mores that I had planned on eating for dinner.

I tried one last time and ended up burning myself on my hand with the end of the candle lighter.

Eventually, I gave up and ended up putting my hot dogs back into the cooler and eating graham crackers for dinner.

Because of that failed attempt, I ended up doing research into how to build a fire with ease and the best tools to do so.

After much research, I found the best method to start a fire and found the perfect lighter that wouldn’t blow out on a windy day.

The next time I went camping, I put my new-found knowledge and new lighter to the test. I was able to start a fire with ease.

I was so excited and did a little happy dance and I watched the flames catch to the wood. I then cooked my hot dogs and made some s’mores.

I am very thankful I researched into how to make a fire and now have a reliable lighter to use for any lighting needs I may have!

Items Needed

Here is a list of the items you will need in order to follow the best way to build a campfire guide.

Tesla USB Rechargeable Lighter- You can read more about why I LOVE this lighter by reading my review here.

QuickFire Fire Starters- Waterproof, odorless, and nontoxic. They light any fire fast and can burn up to 10 minutes at over 750 degrees. You can also make your own using lint from your dryer and empty toilet paper rolls.

Firewood- Continue reading to learn how to select the best firewood.

tesla usb lighter quickfire starterfirewood

Best Way to Build a Campfire

Before you light your fire, check to see if there are any piles of dry brush or wood nearby. Never build a campfire too close to a wooden structure or under trees with low-hanging branches.

Always build your campfire in a fire pit or ring, when available. Placing stones in a ring or using a dedicated fire pit helps contain the fire and keep it safe.

Tepee Fire

This type of fire tends to burn out quickly and is good for when you want a short burning fire.

  1. Begin by laying down a large bundle of tinder and your fire starter tepee fire
  2. Use small pieces of kindling to form a tepee shape above the kindling.
  3. Light your tinder and fire starter using your lighter.
  4. As the fire grows, continue to add larger sticks to the tepee structure.
  5. As the wood burns, continue leaning sticks against the frame to feed the fire as it burns.

Log Cabin Fire

This type of fire is best when you want a long-lasting fire.

  1. Begin by stacking wood as if you were building a cabin by placing two pieces of wood parallel on the bottom and then stack two on top in a perpendicular fashion.
  2. Repeat this stacking process until your fire reaches the desired height log cabin fire
  3. Then place the tinder and fire starter in the center square and ignite using your lighter.
  4. Use your bigger pieces of wood for the bottom and use the lighter pieces for the top.

REMINDER! Pour water onto the campfire and sift the ashes to extinguish the fire before you leave. Make sure the area is cool to the touch before you leave.

Collecting Firewood to Burn

When it comes to choosing the best firewood to burn, the drier your wood the better.

Wet wood usually tends to smoke and can be very challenging to ignite.

Tinder: Tiny pieces of wood, dried moss, dried leaves, or needles that are used to start the fire. Tinder helps your fire starter as you are trying to get the bigger fuel type wood to catch fire.

Kindling: Small pieces of chopped wood or small sticks to help shape the fire.

Fuel: This is where the bulk of the fire’s energy comes from; larger pieces of wood or logs to sustain the fire for a long time.

Do it Yourself

Now that you have read about my failed campfire and have a guide on the best way to build a campfire, I suggest you go start your own!

Remember to be safe and mindful of where you build your campfire.

Let me know how your campfire turns out.

Do you have any tips or tricks for the best way to build a campfire?

All the best,

Lily W. best campfire


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  1. Jongabriel says:

    Haha thanks for the article my guy! To be completely honest with you, I actually found this article super helpful. I like to hike a lot, and no doubt would I need to know how to build a fire in case I got stuck up there. Besides that, I think it could be really cool to start a campfire in your backyard and enjoy a couple of s’mores with family. 


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